Bombadil - A Buzz, A Buzz CD

The music of Bombadil, a band of North Carolinians who met by chance in Bolivia, draws on a unique melange of influences to create an infectious, unclassifiable sound. They are truly one of the freshest bands to emerge in a long time, with songs that range from straightforward rock to Bolivian waltzes, from heartbreaking, piano-driven laments to swashbuckling, raucous marches. With an array of instrumentation encompassing guitar, piano, harmonica, glockenspiel, and everything in between, their live show is unlike anything else. Still, the core of Bombadil is their anthemic, concrete songwriting. It's what allows them to carry a room, whether there are one hundred instruments on stage or just a single guitar and voice. It's what people connect to and why they keep coming back.

1. Trip Out West 1:39 mp3
2. Julian of Norwich 2:42 mp3
3. Smile When You Kiss 2:58 mp3
4. Rosetta Stone 3:43 mp3
5. Three Saddest Words 2:58 mp3
6. Buzz A Buzz 5:13 mp3
7. One Two Three 3:06 mp3
8. Cavaliers Har Hum 2:42 mp3
9. Caterpillar Tree (for old time's sake) 3:08
10. Johnny 2:50
11. Get to Getting' On 2:10

Released April 29, 2008