Bockman's Euphio - gorjus: fighting Bockman's euphio CD


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As we should expect from any group of young musicians who are still growing as individuals and a collective unit, Bockman’s Euphio has evolved. Since the release of their debut album “Ladies and Gentlemen of the F.C.C.,” the band has said farewell to one of their members, graduated from their various universities, and resolved their focus on the music. What was once a shuffling of lineups and scattered commitments has become a tightly focused, highly energized unit of four housemates with a vision. A vision rooted in the constant assessment of their craft. This heightened awareness has not created a pretentious, calculated effort. Rather, it has manifested itself in a new sound, a new energy, and ultimately a new album.

Bockman’s sophomore effort entitled "gorjus: fighting Bockman’s euphio" is exactly that, two forces at work. Emerging from an adolescent devotion towards experimental music, these four band-mates are, as the saying goes, finding themselves. Yes, the hormones are raging and this season’s nectar has some brand-new kick. "gorjus: fighting Bockman’s euphio" has 11 home-brewed tracks to choose from. Recording and producing this second album in their newly constructed home studio, Bockman’s was able to devote the time and attention necessary to get it right.

1- Patience mp3
2- Gorjus mp3
3- Blues Off mp3
4- Reverie mp3
5- Come Back To This mp3
6- Cold Front mp3
7- Pusher mp3
8- Sound Bed mp3
9- Slipping Spider mp3
10- From What To Where mp3
11- Away King mp3