Blue Mode - Space Race CD


This is the debut album from soul jazz quartet Blue Mode who hails from Spain. The full spectrum of soul jazz & jazz funk are delivered with gusto, with heavy Hammond B3 organ grooves and hollow bodied Gibson guitar charged original songs evoke the familiar sounds of Grant Green, Jack McDuff, and Jimmy McGriff. In fact, all of the original tracks conjure up familiar sounds that might be found on a “LOST” Lost Grooves from Blue Note or a  ’68 release from Prestige.   The veil is lifted when the album’s only cover song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, the ‘90’s mega-hit by Nirvana, gives away the album’s 2015 vintage.  The band does the cover song justice with Chip Wickham (New MasterSounds, Lack of Afro) eerily playing flute accompanied with that driving beat courtesy of Javier ‘Skunk’ Gomez.   Most of the original tracks have been composed by Hammond B3, Clavinet, and Wurlitzer wiz Gabriel Casanova, who  leaves no grooves un-grinded-!!  Telmo Fernandez’s sleek roughneck work on the Gibson completes this dynamic quartet. Guest David Romano adds conga rhythms to this highly charged album.  No ballads or slow songs-!! An absolute must have for fans and collectors of soul jazz and jazz funk. 

Track Listing:

  1. Push All listen
  2. Rice, Beans & Bugaloo listen
  3. Dr. Shrimp listen
  4. Space Race listen
  5. Smells Like Teen Spirit listen
  6. Tortilla Chip listen
  7. When The Rope Failed listen
  8. Blue Mode Blues listen
  9. Colt's Run listen
  10. Repeat Again listen
  11. Fast Discharge listen

Released 03.10.15