Big Boss Man - Winner CD

Big Boss Man's second album was produced by the band and Morgan Nicholls (The Streets/Muse). Morgan is the son of Immediate Records in-house songwriter Billy Nicholls, so the studio was choc-full of groovy stuff: The Who's Hammond, Steve Marriott's first guitar, Clavis, Wurlis etc, etc, all of which were put to good use on the album! Morgan was also involved in the recent Big Boss Man seven-inch only remix of Paul Weller's Top 20 single "The Bottle." Winner continues the trip through 60's funk, along the way taking in bongo/fuzz sounds in "Everybody Boogaloo," Latin soul in "Complicated Lady," French beat in "Tu As Gach," floor-fillers such as "Kelvin Stardust," and general Hammond/Moog mentalness everywhere else.

1. Kelvin Stardust mp3 sample
2. Fall In Fall Out mp3 sample
3. Complicated Lady mp3 sample
4. Tu As Gache Mon Talent Ma Cherie mp3 sample
5. Reach Out mp3 sample
6. Oh My Gawd! mp3 sample
7. B.O.O.G.A.L.O.O. mp3 sample
8. Fever Special mp3 sample
9. Everybody Boogaloo
10. Jackson 16
11. The Hawk
12. Got It So Bad
13. Deception

Released 9/30/08