Ben Arnold - Nevermind My Blues CD

Drawing from the history of Dylan, the cantankerous spirit of Randy Newman, and the soulful singing and showmanship of Van Morrison, Ben Arnold has drawn comparisons to all of them yet he effortlessly retains his own style. From big budget major label record deals to self-financed recordings, the Philadelphia-based singer and songwriter has seen both sides of the proverbial coin. It's a journey that has no doubt informed his songwriting. But, despite the highs and lows, Ben finds himself exactly where he's meant to be in his career, a self-sustaining artist composing his finest songs to date, playing to a loyal and growing audience and releasing yet another benchmark in his discography with Nevermind My Blues.

The very fact that Ropeadope (a label best known for cutting edge artists like The Benevento-Russo Duo, King Britt, Sex Mob and Tin Hat) would offer a home to an artist in a genre it's never yet navigated speaks volumes about the universal appeal of Ben's artistry. With one listen to Nevermind My Blues, it's apparent just how pervasive his reach is. Songs like "Suckin' Honey," "Eggs," "Timeless" and "Heaven Next Time" have sugar sweet hooks, but it's the substance of the lyrics and the clever musical twists within those undeniable melodies where the big pay-off comes. It's proof positive of Ben's dedication to his craft and the exceptional talent he brings to it.

1. Suckin' Honey 4:19 mp3
2. Eggs 3:14 mp3
3. Here On Earth 4:44 mp3
4. Nola 4:22 mp3
5. Nevermind My Blues 5:04 mp3
6. Sugar & Water 4:19 mp3
7. When I Marry You 2:42 mp3
8. Sundown 4:40 mp3
9. Smile 3:27
10. The Last Song 4:26
11. Timeless 4:41
12. Heaven Next Time 3:33

Released 10/30/07