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colorfulsound explosion

sparkssonic curiosity

urgesto move

creativelyconceived song structures


daringlayers of poly-rhythms


groovingand moving

likeyou're in a


As weenter a new decade, it is no wonder Bearquarium's progressive sound isconsidered a "scene cornerstone for years to come" (Seven Days VT). With their unique blend of afro-percussive rhythms, fiery horn lines, funkydance grooves and soulful vocals, this eight-piece ensemble puts on a liveperformance unlike any other. Nominated as a top finalist for Magic Hat'sSponsor Your Tour Contest (2009) and recognized as releasing a Most Notable VTAlbum of 2009, Bearquarium stands out as a breath of fresh air amongst yourrun-of-the-mill funk bands. The group released their debut self-titled album inJuly 2009, and is currently touring the northeast banging on drums in a townnear you.

Here'swhat people are saying about Bearquarium:

"Ratherthan picking a genre and working within it, BQ pulls from the most soulful ofstyles, combines them through trial and error, and what comes out of thespeakers is 100% pure, uncut, untainted good time music" (Lectric Pulp, 2010)

"Scenecornerstone for years to come... bursting with potential... professionalpolish" (Seven Days VT, 2009)

"Bearquariumlive is tighter than tight... the sounds produced send a collective jolt ofpositive vibes into the crowd" (Lectric Pulp, 2010)

Track List:
1. Slave Runner listen
2. Up and Up listen
3. Funky Georgia listen
4. In the Afternoon listen
5. Fat Cholula listen
6. The Punch Within listen
7. Satori listen
8. Give it Back to You listen

Released in 2009

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