Barefoot Wade - Beaches, Bars And Women CD

Barefoot Wade - Beaches, Bars And Women

Feel good music. Even the sad songs will make you laugh.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro listen
  2. What I'm All About listen
  3. 90 Miles From Cuba listen
  4. Train/movin On listen
  5. Long Time Commin Home listen
  6. Cell Phones Are the Spawn of Satan listen
  7. Feels Good listen
  8. Maybe I Love You....or Maybee I'm Just Drunk listen
  9. 3 Months in the Sand listen
  10. Don't Call Me listen
  11. Big Empty Rooms listen
  12. Lets Slowdown listen
  13. Not All Who Wander Are Lost listen
  14. Mountain Top Blues listen
  15. Tidal Pool listen