Anthony Smith's Trunk Fulla Funk - Life As We Know It CD

Anthony Smith is best known these days for providing the Hammond backbone and deft, left-handed bass lines in the highly acclaimed Karl Denson Trio (KD3). Others will remember him as the charismatic chairman of Global Funk Council, an ensemble that gained notice through over 600 tour dates across the country. Now, Anthony Smith brings us Trunk Fulla Funk, a supergroup of jam scene veterans and show-stopping newcomers. Their debut album Life As We Know It blends Smith's impeccable songwriting, pop mentality and expert arrangements with the virtuosity of an all-star jam-band cast. The result is a fresh, edgy perspective of the times. From witty takes on a good ass-kicking and the egoism of Internet superstardom to a grandiose urban anthem inspired heavily by Frank Sinatra's "My Way," Anthony sets out to get his story straight.

1. Freaky Revelation mp3
2. Funk Out With Your Junk Out mp3
3. You Got Mopped mp3
4. That What It Do mp3
5. Brief Intro For a Brother Who's Soul Still In the Hood mp3
6. Can't Take the Hood (Out of the Homey) mp3
7. When the Money Gets Better mp3
8. Lotta Fight Left mp3
9. My Own Show
10. Southern California
11. Assumptions
12. Marching Orders
13. You Got Mopped

Anthony Smith - vocals, Hammond B3, piano, keys
Walt Williams - vocals
Igmar Thomas - trumpet, vocals
Matt Schumacher - bass, vocals
David Stark - guitar
Jake Najor - drums

Karl Denson - sax on 7, flute on 10
Fareed Haque - guitar on 4
James Lake - guitar on 7, 8, 9, 12
Steve Haney - toca percussion on 3, 7, 8, 10
Sean Martin - percussion on 2, 4, 7, 11
Michael Naramore - backing vocals on 1, 6
Sean Flora - backing vocals on 6

Released May 20, 2008