Andy Shaw Band - Ways of the World CD


Ways of the World is a reggae and blues influenced album that introduces us to the Andy Shaw Band's style. The first album from ASB featuring lead guitar and three part harmonies, the album touches on self awareness, as well a belief in change. Theo Perry holds down the lead guitar on the album, enriching and texturizing the groove of the songs. An album that pulls you from rock blues tunes like Loving You, to reggae tunes like Nothing to Fight For, Ways of the World exhibits a great introduction to a band that is making huge steps with each new record.

Track list:
1. Falling Faster listen
2. In the Bag listen
3. Indiscretion listen
4. Loving You listen
5. Lit Up listen
6. Wise Man listen
7. Nothing to Fight For listen
8. Ways of the World listen
9. Buried By Time listen
10. Something I Cannot See listen

Released in 2009


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