Andy Shaw Band - Promise Land CD


Promise Land...a homegrown blend of reggae and American roots that takes you on a journey through personal growth and acceptance.

Connected by blood, with 2 brothers and their father, and years of performing together, the flow is powerful and seamless. A band whose members have years of study on multiple instruments, the Andy Shaw Band thrives on bending genres. Andy spent many years of his life as an award winning trumpeter, and eventually attended the renowned Jazz school at the University of North Texas. Quickly his ears turned to songwriting, and after some time in Chicago he ended up in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio putting a full band together. "I want to make music that people can feel in their heart...the emotion, the groove, and the truth of the music. It's like when I listen to Toots and the Maytals, Paolo Nutini, and Ray Lamontagne. I can feel that passion." Songs like Righteous Ones, "We crawl out now/finding ways to rid ourselves of hate/and throw down our arms/for the right to believe in more," and the Limits, "Why can't our hearts let our love go free/into the past we can't see," evoke that feeling.

In 2004 the band started with Chris Shaw on drums, Jim Shaw on keys, and has featured several talented artists to fill out their sound such as Matt Paetsch on bass, Eric Zelinski and Theo Perry on lead guitar among others. After a Midpoint Festival performance in 2007, and an opening slot for State Radio in 2008, ASB began a 2 year residency at Ruby's in Columbus, Ohio. The weekly performance tightened their sound, and increased a fan base that remains loyal and continues to expand. "I love making relationships, traveling to different places, and connecting with all different kinds of people," says Chris Shaw. "everywhere we go I feel like our music appeals to such a wide audience."

Track List:

  1. Younger Man's Rule listen
  2. Promise Land listen
  3. Steady listen
  4. Crawl On listen
  5. Give It Up listen

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