Addison Groove Project - Allophone CD


*Reduced from $10.00*

Allophone? An allophone is "a predictable phoenetic variant of a phoneme"...this album exhibits the properties of its title, but it is anything but predictable! AGP can do a lot of different things musically, but their sound is rife with groove/jazz influences. That formula, combined with their widely varying tastes, creates the unique sound of Addison Groove Project!

1- Allophone
2- Carpal Tunnel
3- But Still...
4- Turning Points
5- Breathe
6- Face to Face
7- Wabadu-Wabadu
8- Hiphopanonomous
9- Another Day
10- Marinate
11- Skewer
12- Just So You Know
13- Canopy
14- Beantown


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