3 Apples High - Metrobotik CD


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Another band for us to stumble over words trying to describe! From Pittsburgh, PA comes this inventive trio, and their debut album is quite an eye-opener. The musically well-versed threesome creates danceable instrumental grooves with the influence of jazz, improv, house, and funk music. Spry keyboards provide rhythmic and melodic attraction that is driven by robust, unique bass and intense drumming. Theirs is truly a sound that reveals more and more with each listen! The listener will hear complex drum and bass interplay unfold as sounds and more sounds come zinging out of the ether and into your cortex. - B. Rodgers

1- Rush Hour mp3
2- Doppelganger mp3
3- Alchemy mp3
4- Be Flat mp3
5- Rapture mp3
6- Gymnopedie No. 1 mp3
7- Mummified mp3
8- Young Hyung mp3