The Interstellar Boys - Raleigh, NC 7.22.2017

The Interstellar Boys at the Lincoln Theater, Raleigh, NC
A collaboration of veteran musicians brings decades of experience to new band.

The Interstellar Boys are first and foremost borne from a collection of friendships. Musical friendships that date back as far as 30 years. Todd Nance, Daniel Hutchens, Jerry Joseph, Sam Holt, John Neff and Jon Mills have shared stages and songs over the years and now form a new band that draws on those decades of collaboration. Todd Nance brings undeniable experience and depth to the band as a founding member/drummer/songwriter of Widespread Panic. Daniel Hutchens has been a driving force with the band Bloodkin for 29 years (and counting) and he is widely recognized as one of the South's great modern day songwriters. Jerry Joseph and his various bands have been recording and touring on a national/international scale since the 80's. Jerry's expertise as a musician/songwriter is as unquestionable as his passion for sharing the power of music. He has recently toured and taught music in such far flung places as Afghanistan, Ghana and is soon to perform in Iraq. Sam Holt brings a reverence and intensity to playing the guitar that energizes the faithful fans of this community in a way that is second to none. John Neff (formerly of Drive-By Truckers) is the secret weapon that adds depth and soul via the pedal steel. And Mr. Jon Mills (professor emeritus of bass in the Athens, GA music scene) is the glue that keeps the whole thing tastefully held together.

Fans and industry veterans alike will find this band a compelling draw for its maiden voyage this summer season as evidenced by comments from Raleigh, NC based talent buyer Chris Malarkey (Lincoln Theatre): "When I was first approached about the possibility of bringing this lineup to town I thought 'man, this is too good to be true'. The thought of some of the most talented musicians to ever to walk through the doors of my venues joining forces not just for a show, but for a new band, seemed farfetched at best. But, somehow, someway the stars aligned, schedules were cleared and plans were made. The Interstellar Boys are real. What I can only describe as a dream band is booked."

We arrived early for the meet & greet portion of the show. Sam Holt and John Neff were on hand to chat with fans and pose for photos. Sweetwater Brewing sponsored the early VIP portion offering up complimentary beverages and snacks. By showtime, a decent sized crowd was on hand when it kicked off with Hutchen's tune made popular by Widespread Panic, "Can't Get High". It was certainly a rock-n-roll show with four guitar players manning the front.  Luckily John Neff also doubles on pedal steel (which he played much of the show). The band would hit upon a couple more Panic tunes (there were a lot of Spreadheads on hand). Including the second set opener "Henry Parsons Died" and the show's encore "Make Sense to Me". Other notable moments were "Tennessee Before Daylight" the title track to the first CD from an earlier Sam Holt group called Outformation.

With this being only the first tour from this all-star lineup - it's pretty safe to say that the band and its performances will continue to evolve into something impressive.  We've included the setlist and a link where you can listen below.  Thanks to the multiple tapers on hand!

Interstellar Boys - Lincoln Theatre - Raleigh, NC July 22, 2017

Set 1
01. Can't Get High
02. Coliseum
03. Bull Run
04. Coach
05. Gunner
06. Pretty Girls In Summer Dresses
07. Dixie Mattress
08. Clinic Cynic
09. Reverend Jacob Night Train
Set 2
01. Henry Parsons Died
02. Ching-A-Ling
03. Rot Gut
04. Mercy Train To Bogart
05. Tennessee Before Daylight
06. War At The End Of The World
07. Success Yourself
08. Yellow Ribbons
09. Makes Sense To Me

Todd Nance - Drums, Vocals
Sam Holt - Guitar, Vocals
Daniel Hutchens - Vocals, Guitar
John Neff - Pedal Steel
Jerry Joseph - Vocals, Guitar
Jon Mills - Bass

Here's a link to a recording of the show


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July 14, 2017 Denver, CO - Oriental Theater

July 15, 2017 Boulder, CO - Fox Theatre

July 16, 2017 Crested Butte, CO - Public House

July 21, 2017 Asheville, NC - ISIS Music Hall

July 22, 2017 Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theatre

July 23, 2017 Charleston, SC - Hometeam BBQ

July 28, 2017 Atlanta, GA - Terminal West

July 29, 2017 Birmingham, AL - WorkPlay

July 30, 2017 Chattanooga, TN - Revelry Room

- By Lee Crumpton

- Photos by  Jerry Friend - Sustained Notes Photography