Sam Holt Band - Southern Angels CD

The debut album from Sam Holt Band, Southern Angels, contains Holt's most honest andaccomplished songs to date. The album features guest appearances from WidespreadPanic's John Bell and Danny Hutchens of Bloodkin. The emotional honesty in the lyricscame from experiencing the bittersweet nature of life. "Many events and emotions in thesong 'Southern Angels' are from my time with Widespread Panic. Having John Bell onthis tune is an honor, but also makes perfect sense," he states.

There are themes of finding positivity in the wake of tragedy running through the record.'Fix It Up Man' co-written with Danny Hutchens addresses this subject. "Danny's lyricspaint a positive picture of someone who left us too soon. The track is a tribute to someonewe both love and miss very much," reveals Holt.

Sam is known for his on stage appearances with Widespread Panic and his nationaltouring band Outformation. Sam Holt Band formed in late 2011 after Holt relocated toColorado. "I'm so lucky to have these guys in the band. Everyone is a great player, andwe listen to each other," says the transplanted Southerner.

The chemistry was palpable the first time they played together. Sam Holt Band quicklygained a devoted following from their tremendous live show. "Whether it's a rocker or animprov jam, seeing the audience react confirms the connection we have goes beyond theband."

The band has shared the stage with Shooter Jennings, Keller Williams, 7 Walkers, NewMastersounds, North Mississippi Allstars, Jason Isbell, and Jerry Joseph.

With a national touring schedule falling into place and a new record, Sam Holt Band isready to take their music to the masses. "The journey is the thing, and I'm excited to beon it with these guys," Holt declares.

Released in 2013