RAQ'N in Raleigh - 11.02.07 - Lincoln Theatre

RAQ brought the roof down at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina last Friday night, their last stop in the south before heading home.

My legs ache.....and this is a good thing. They haven't hurt like this since my first spinning class at the Y but I would definitely take the work-out I received while dancing my tail off to RAQ verse the techno beat they play while we "challenge" our bodies to go faster on a stationary bike.

RAQ brought the roof down at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina last Friday night, their last stop in the south before heading home. With the exception of treating me to a hometown gig (OBX anyone?), Friday night was the PERFECT way to end a weeks run of shows including a fantastic Halloween Helter Shelter get-down and a tight musical jam session at the Olde Smith Bar in Atlanta, Georgia. This was RAQ's fifth visit to the Lincoln, a venue that has definitely been privileged to some very memorable RAQnights in the past and something that I hope will continue in the future.

Although the RAQ song selection was awesome for Friday night, it was the covers that stole the show. The most memorable was a fantastic Guilty Pleasures>Michael Jackson's Billy Jean>Guilty Pleasures. Bassist, Jay Burwick nailed "black MJ's" Billy Jean to the point I was looking for the silver glove and signature moonwalk. The hits continued with a top-notch Pink Floyd's "Have a Cigar" and second set opener "I Want to be Sedated" by the Ramones. Musical tributes moved on to the technical wonders of Frank Zappa and "Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy" a southern favorite that I have been lucky enough to witness several times in the past. RAQfans were then treated to a guitar showdown with guest guitarist Brett Hughes and Chris Michetti on Junior Parker and Sam Phillip's "Mystery Train". The smiles from the band radiated out to the crowd and as I looked back from the front row I watched the whole place get down.

Further into second set the band acknowledged the hyperfunkers with paper bags over their heads and rocked out a "Bag it Out" followed by another crowd pleaser "Time Bomb". Cover-nite resumed with Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed" which continued to show-off the bands talent and ability to "mix it up". Second set ended strong with an impressive Weakling>Late Nite>Said and Done threesome confirming that the southern run should NEVER be missed. RAQ encored the night with Billy Joel's "Big Shot" which some say was a "shout-out" to the fan who broke one of the cardinal rules of stage manners...........never jump on stage!!!!

RAQ takes a short, much deserved break this week; however I expect the R&R at home will shine through at the upcoming northeast shows this weekend at Pearl Street in Northampton, MA and The Station in Portland, Maine. For those fans unable to make the NE run, don't be alarmed! You can work off that turkey dinner at RAQ's return to the State Theatre in northern Virginia followed by NYC's Highline Ballroom on November 24th. Check out www.raqmusic.com for details and we'll see you on the RAQexpress!

- by Helen Furr (Jampire #8)