Railroad Earth - New Years Eve - Asheville, NC

Railroad Earth - New Years Eve - Asheville, NC
The Orange Peel, a venue that has seen countless artists and thousands of patrons, rang in 2014 with a special three night performance by Railroad Earth.

Culminating this three day journey on the last evening of 2013 the band offered melodious acoustic sounds while mingling songs from their previous albums with exciting new tunes from their soon to be released album, “Last of the Outlaws”.

Railroad Earth provided the perfect setting to the ending of 2013 and the reflection that comes with any New Year through their poignant lyrics that speak of travel, finding your self and learning to be happy. Behind the band was a beautiful backdrop of Grandfather Mountain thus incorporating the theme of reflection and creative inspiration. The tallest peak along the Blue Ridge Mountains was painted with vibrance and included a glowing and powerful moon that inspired the crowd to dance and share in this intimate opportunity. The band shared their personal inspiration found by this 1.1 billion year old artifact and then launched into Grandfather Mountain a new song that can be found on “Last of the Outlaws”.

Returning from their setbreak just prior to Midnight, the band adorned masks to embody the Moonlight Masquerade theme and shared in everyone’s excitement as the countdown to a new year began. As the clock struck midnight, a myriad of colored balloons slowly fell, embodying the sense of appreciating the past and looking towards the future while they performed the traditional Aude Lang Syne with a segue into a brand new original tune, Monkey.

Railroad Earth ended the music filled New Years Eve with a cover of My Sisters and Brothers, a song made popular by Jerry Garcia Band. While the band shared in their excitement for being able to share three special days in Asheville’s community, they also related their excitement for all they hope 2014 will bring for them and the fans that support their journey. Railroad Earth brought 2014 in with a bang and will keep running like outlaws supporting their brand new album. If they keep the energy, passion and momentum they brought to the Orange Peel, 2014 will certainly be a momentous year for Railroad Earth.

Words by Johanna Hagarty
Photos by Kevin M. James