Railroad Earth - Amen Corner CD


Gorgeous, intricate, and atmospheric yet deliciously twangy and grooving, the musical scenery around Railroad Earth's Amen Corner is sure to stick in your mind as vividly as a stunning natural vista. This album gets more and more enjoyable with every passing song! Railroad Earth has produced their most tuneful, well-produced, and infectious effort here, with acoustic instruments zinging and ringing tastefully around vocals that make you want to sing along as best you can!

1. Been Down This Road mp3 sample
2. Hard Livin' mp3 sample
3. Bringin' My Baby Back Home mp3 sample
4. Forecast mp3 sample
5. Right in Tune mp3 sample
6. Waggin' the Dog mp3 sample
7. Little Bit O' Me mp3 sample
8. Lonecroft Ramble mp3 sample
9. Crossing the Gap
10. All Alone
11. You Never Know
12. Lovin' You

Released June 10, 2008