Electric Soul Pandemic at Raleigh Pour House - May 3, 2014

Electric Soul Pandemic at Raleigh Pour House - May 3, 2014
Greensboro based jam/electronica band, Electric Soul Pandemic played at The Pour House in Raleigh as part of their Carolina run before they head to Wilmington to commence recording for their second studio album, following up “Communications,” which debuted last year.

I got the chance to hang out with the guys, who are planning ahead on even a third album, and they are thrilled to be a part of the Carolina music scene as they are scheduled for an East Coast Run, highlighting some of the biggest music festivals in the east, spreading from South Carolina to New Hampshire.

For their set at The Pour House, they played some crowd favorites from “Communications” along with some new stuff that they are planning on recording for their next two albums.  Scott showed me the full set-list, and it consisted of about 20 songs which had them playing a 2 and a half hour long set overflowing with electronic jammy jazz funk that had the crowd dancing all night in ways only the sounds of ESP could make happen.  Keyboardist, Jaybird Beverly, rocked his Moog synthesizer so hard, he broke it, causing the band to have to take a break due to technical difficulty.  Even with the lead instrument of the ESP sound on the fritz, they continued to rock through their set like true professionals, filling in with the jazzy percussion of former SCI FI drummer, Justin Heter, the soulful guitar playing and singing of the very cool, Derek Cobb, the natty bass grooves of Scott Nichols, and the futuristic effects created by Randy Elliott, with his guitar and effects machines.

ESP is a far-out band that thrives off of creatively repetitious grooves intermixed in between jam style instrumental electronica, soulful leads, and the right amount of vocals.  Touring the carolinas regularly, and jamming through late night festival sets, they are a must see.

Review and Photos by: Eric Everington