Yarn - Almost Home CD

Early into 2012, strong storytelling and accomplished musicianship help to propel Yarn’s Almost Home into the category of the year’s must-hear albums.

Sounding like something bred in America’s southern states, these Brooklyn natives have an authentic technique that echoes of America’s country roots with an infusion of rock and promises that those old-style rhythms will continue to evolve, regardless of where they are reborn. A triple threat in the music world, not only is the storytelling and musicianship tighter than the bark on a hickory tree, but the vocal and harmonizing skills of the band’s three singers are equally undeniable.
With a list of accolades to their credit (In 2007, Yarn’s self-titled debut reached No. 14 on the AMA and R&R Radio Charts, ranking No. 79 on the AMA’s Top 100 Albums of that year. In 2008, Empty Pockets hovered in the top five on the AMA chart and earned eight, first round 2009 Grammy nominations. Their 2008 release, Come On In, reached #25 on the top 100 Americana chart of 2010.), the quality of this latest release is of no surprise. Well respected in the industry and amongst fans, Yarn’s catalogue is now able to speak to its own significance.
Without breaking down every song (all equally and uniquely delicious), suffice to say that they are a mix of that great previously-mentioned song writing and singing, tied together by arrangements (some adrenaline pumped, some more sedate and plaintive) of acoustic/electric guitars, acoustic/electric mandolin trickles, a resonator, a bit of banjo, bass, and tight percussion pockets. Professionals in all aspects, there’s really nothing to complain about on this one.
Regardless of the album’s title, Yarn is a band that’s good enough to find itself constantly on the road, should it desire the daily grind. This Brooklyn-born collective has stumbled upon a kindred sound, far from the birthplace of the genres they touch upon, and that’s just fine. Music knows no boundaries, and Yarn has again reached deep to adeptly reshape styles that refuse to stagnate.
- Jeremy Sanchez