The High Hawks - Mother Nature’s Show

Vince Herman & Tim Carbone's roots-rock ensemble The High Hawks unveil their outstanding second studio album Mother Nature’s Show.

Roots-rock all-star ensemble The High Hawks return with an outstanding new studio album titled Mother Nature's Show, an authentic and cheerful testament to the boundless joy of music and camaraderie. Their self-produced second release artfully showcases a song-oriented approach that transcends genre boundaries in a heartfelt journey through the landscapes of rock, Americana and bluegrass.

The band features Vince Herman from Leftover Salmon on guitar, Tim Carbone from Railroad Earth on fiddle and guitar, Adam Greuel from Horseshoes & Hand Grenades on guitar, Chad Staehly from Hard Working Americans and Great American Taxi on keyboards, Brian Adams from DeadPhish Orchestra on bass, and Will Trask from Great American Taxi on drums, with all but the rhythm section contributing vocals and songwriting.

The record opens with the sweet and timeless refrain of "Diamond Sky," with charming ramshackle harmonies on the world "underneath the melody of the ever burning stars." The catchy opening riff to "Somewhere South" introduces the album's first single, an ode to relaxing days laughing and fishing with friends which flawlessly demonstrates their skills smoothly blending to serve the greater story. Their musical mastery perfectly paints the songs rather than showing off chops for its own sake, though there's certainly no shortage of killer riffs and memorable moments.

The electrified multi-guitar charge of "Temperature is Rising" proclaims "The answer's right inside us, close enough to see / Gonna need one another to find it, 'cause it's the same for you and me." Next the subtly graceful vocal blends and mighty fiddle excursions of "Fox River Blues" lead into the bouncy shuffle and heavenly harmonies of title track "Mother Nature's Show" to wrap up side one.

The lively swing of "Top Shelf, Rock Bottom" and electric guitar jubilee of bluesy rocker "Radio Loud" energetically open side two. The potently forceful "Somewhere in the Middle" states "Yes in that space where flesh and spirit meet / I defy you brother and sisters not to move your sweet feet." The liveliness continues with "Same Old Stories" before dipping into the emotional melodicism of "This is What Love Feels Like."

"Backwater Voodoo" is the record's funkiest tune, with lyrics to match: "All those spirits come to dance / When you free your freaky soul at last." The solos highlight the group's endless talent for blending virtuosic playing with sincere and relatable musicality. The album caps off with the uplifting message of "Shine Your Blues", with rustic voices singing out: "You're either gonna let that sunshine in, let your darkness cloud your day / Keep your heart open up wide, shine your blues away."

The High Hawks have infused Mother Nature's Show with a warm and inviting vibe, unveiling their unique tapestry of roots-rock magic across twelve songs and a wide sonic soundscape. The High Hawks are on tour now in Colorado with stops soon in the Midwest and West coast. Visit for more info. As they sing in "This is What Love Feels Like": "Kind of thinking this time we got it right."

- Paul Kerr