Rubblebucket - Omega La La CD

Omega La La is an album filled with bouncy psych-pop songs that will stick in your head for days.

Rubblebucket self-released their debut album "Rose's Dream" under the name Rubblebucket Orchestra back in March 2008. In October of 2009 they released their second studio album and officially changed their name to Rubblebucket. 

In the spring of 2011 they released their third album "Omega La La", produced by Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsyterm, !!!, Holy Ghost!) and it is by far the band's most cohesive album to date. But it wasn't just Broucek that made "Omega La La" Rubblebucket's best album; it was the band's own songwriting and Kalmia's Traver's soothingly melodic honey-dipped vocals. The album is very upbeat and the songs are infectious. It's delightfully quirky, combining rhythms of funk, dance, indie, experimental rock and 80's pop grooves. What impresses is the album's depth and consistency -- album tracks like "Breatherz" and "Triangular Daises" are as impressive as the songs pulled for singles. Throughout the album the hooks cascade and Traver belts them out with sure expressiveness. On singles like "Silly Fathers", "Down in the Yards", "L'Homme" and "Came Out of a Lady" the band continues to showcase a combination of self-expression and art mashed with eccentric lyrics, horns, psych - indie pop and Afrobeat rhythms - a combination that makes Omega La La so continuously enjoyable and unique.

I'm a little embarrassed that this album has eluded me until nearly a year after its release. I absolutely love this album! I love everything about it, from its off the wall lyrics, joyous horns and bouncy instrumentation, it just lives and breathes delicious fun. It's like a goo-ball combination of The Sugarcubes, Los Campesinos! and Talking Heads.

New live DVD/CD "Live In Chicago" Available April 10

- Simon Eddie

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