Burgeoning, upstart, fresh-faced, young, up-and-coming…all of these words and phrases describe San Francisco’s MO2, but the first thing you need to know about the quartet is that they have a clear musical vision. Their unapologetic instrumental dance excursions are tempered only by the moment on their first release, the lengthy live burner DSD.
Recorded in front of an appreciative crowd at San Francisco's Poleng Lounge, DSD also features one track recorded live in studio shortly after the band's inception in April 2007.

One assumes that guitarist Kevin Moxcey, keyboardist Jackson Rogers, bassist Waide Hicks, and drummer Seb Poux are currently in it for the experience, as all fledgling bands must be to a point - it certainly isn't about the fame or money for now, right? In turn, what the listener gets on DSD is the sound of a very determined and talented band performing with palpable joy and intense respect for one another, demonstrating the power of simplicity and organic melodies.

Musically, the band wears their inspirations proudly, drawing obvious influence from pure electronic music and sprinkling their style with an earthly-yet-spacey humanized mojo reminiscent of early STS9. Moxcey's moon-rocket guitar lines on fast-movers like "Instinct/Consequence" bring Jon Gutwillig's hypnotizing playing to mind, while the rhythm section exhibits the full-throttle thump and breakneck intensity so essential to the form. Rogers' keys and samples provide the proper ignition for the listener's mental excursions within the frenetic framework that all four musicians combine to create. DSD...I don't know what it stands for, but it's definitely contagious!

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