Michael Franti & Spearhead - Yell Fire! CD

Yell Fire! along with the DVD, I Know I Am Not Alone are the direct result of Franti's search for the human cost of war when he traveled through the war zones of Iraq, Palestine, and Israel with a guitar and a crew armed with only video cameras. These songs are his reflections of what he found on his journey that examined life on all sides of the war and brought it back to us in the way that speaks to us the most: music.
Franti's music provides so much more than just something to dance to, but instead opens our eyes to what he saw and the emotions that he felt. Through Spearhead s usual spectrum of musical sounds spanning reggae, hip-hop, rock, blues, and folk they create music that moves the masses, but Franti provides his most heartfelt sentiments yet.

Each song is filled with not only anti-war universal concepts, but seems to be aimed at our culture in hopes of causing change and spreading love and positivism.  Time To Go Home points out obvious injustice with anti-war pleas  Those that start the war, never fight them and those who fight wars never like them.   East To The West  is all about one love and says  God is too big for just one religion.   Sweet Little Lies is a beautiful song that moved me to tears the first time I heard it live.  Tell me that somebody stopped the war.  It seeks to soften the blow of all the horrible truths that face us all in a simple way.  One Step Closer To You is a very spiritual and uplifting song that promotes faith for all with beautiful backup singing that includes Pink.  Hello Bonjour is one of my favorite songs, it is a happy celebration of equality and love for those all over the world.  Everybody on the Move is a live favorite guaranteed to get you dancing and invites everyone to join in the phenomenon. This CD truly gives hope for humanity in a message that only Michael Franti can deliver and hopefully it will reach as many ears as possible and it will make some truth out of those sweet little lies.

- Melissa Bruck