Spearhead - Home CD

Way back in 1994, this release stirred the noggins of people who were looking for something new. Michael Franti, who formed The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, softened the Public Enemy-style rhymes and created Spearhead. This is a smooth yet energetic combination of hip-hop, funk, and live music! Think Sly and The Family Stone meets Public Enemy on the way to the Blue Note. Features Charlie Hunter, Will Bernard, Vernon Reid, and many more.

1- People In Tha Middle
2- Love Is Da Shit
3- Piece O' Peace
4- Positive
5- Of Course You Can
6- Hole In The Bucket
7- Home
8- Dream Team
9- Runfayalife
10- Crime To Be Broke in America
11- 100,000 Miles
12- Red Beans & Rice
13- Caught Without an Umbrella