Hot Buttered Rum - Well Oiled Machine CD

Hot Buttered Rum’s Well-Oiled Machine is the band's second studio effort and was produced by Mike Marshall and recorded by famed Garcia / Grisman engineer Decibel Dave Dennison.
With one foot in the door paying homage to traditions of folk, Americana and bluegrass, and the other wildly kicking out in every direction of the musical universe, Well-Oiled Machine is loaded with pretty melodies, innovative instrumental turns continually finding creative ways to use a flute in a blues grass. Add to this very nice vocal harmonies and you have a very listenable, fun album.

Harmony guitar and mandolin open up "Firefly." An acoustic guitar break that draws a smile as the band sings about a couple being guided by the light of fireflies by a river in Georgia.

"Idaho Pines" finds the unusual sound of the flute of Erik Yates. Byran Horne offers a nice acoustic bass solo.

Inspired by the band's last two years on the road, HBR's sound is familiar and inviting, fresh and original, seamlessly weaving elements of folk, rock, reggae and bluegrass within the fabric of intelligent and inspiring songwriting.

- Bob Felberg