Bassnectar - Mesmerizing the Ultra (2 CDs)

Ask anyone who’s seen him live about the experience and you will surely get a response that you’d swear was from a swooning 13 year-old girl. Voted the #1 dj in San Francisco, Lorin aka Bassnectar revolutionizes those two little letters. He is the ambassador for this blossoming new jamtronic music scene. After over ten years playing at Burning Man and other freakalicious gatherings all over the country, he is now popping up all over the jam band scene. He’s had shows at AT40, NYE w/ SCI, 3 amazing sets on Jam Cruise, and soon to be Wakarusa.
For even those who claim they don't like djs will be easily swayed by these 35 songs. It embodies truly eclectic sounds of all ends of the spectrum. There's old school hip hop flavor, booty bumping bass, ridiculous up tempo beats, conscientious flows, down tempo with beautiful melodies and everything in between. And throughout all of his music are profound political clips that prove that Lorin has more in mind than simply being a party dj you can dance to.

Mesmerizing the Ultra is an orchestrated musical composition featuring many talented guests. The songs IDB, Enter the Chamber, and Breathing all feature Sayr, aka Craig Russo. He features the amazing beat-boxing skills of Kyrian on the bass bumping Blow, Buckethead on Bursting, and Michael Kang on the soothing Dubuasca. He includes his own versions of STS9's Some Sing, Dorphex Bos, David Seied's Arf, and HDC & KRS ONE's Arrival delicately intertwined with his own fantastic creations, such as The Sound, Everybody and Pleasure the Bassnympho, perhaps the best songs.

This single-priced, two disc set is 120 minutes of pure musical magic that will make you dance like never before and a necessity in everyone's collection.

You can check out more about Lorin on his new website at

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- By Melissa Bruck