Amfibian - From the Ether

Attention Phish Fans, longtime friend Tom Marshall returns with his second Amfibian album entitled From the Ether. The album definitely has a Phish feel to it. Though this time the group is completely different, Marshall still puts out the same general sound which has made him so popular.
The fifteen track album is for sure straight out of the Phish circle, just without the twenty minute jams we all love. As I listened to the album, I found myself thinking I was listening to Phish quite often to make my point. If you listen to just the first track, you will know what I mean. Atlantis, the first track, has a Farmhouse feel to it that is unmistakable. Trey Anastasio even co-wrote a song for the album, Lambertville. As much as I compare this album to Phish, it also has its own feel to it, with songs 13 Days, Storm, and Distortion to name a few. Overall, the album is a great second project for Tom Marshall and company.

From The Ether, Amfibian's second album is an excellent record, plain out. It has some amazing guitar riffs along with a solid melody all the way through. This album is a must have for any Phish fan, but if your not a Phish fan, I would still highly recommend this album.

- By Brian Kostek