Zach Deputy's truck & gear stolen!

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On Friday the 13th, at about 10:40pm, Zach Deputy had his tour truck with all of his gear and equipment stolen from a La Qunita parking lot in Paramus, NJ. Zach performs more than 250 shows per year throughout the Eastern United States and Canada, and is on the road about 300 days a year, thus all of his clothing and every other item one can imagine for his personal life was also in the truck. Zach was on his way to a recording studio in Woodstock, NY at the time, and-- in addition to the instruments and electronic gear needed to perform and record this record-- many tracks that had been previously recorded were in the computer he lost in the theft. These had been backed up, but over the last 2 weeks since the backup many changes and edits had been made. Despite the loss, Zach rented a car on Saturday afternoon and performed that night in Woodstock on a borrowed guitar through a borrowed sound system. It was his first ever solo acoustic show, but as they say, "the show must go on." The hard drive with the previously recorded tracks is being overnighted from his home in South Carolina, and his management, the studio and local musicians in Woodstock are now scrambling to pull together the items needed to record the record.

The total loss, including the truck, is in excess of $85,000, and at this time it looks like nearly all of the losses (other the truck) will not be covered by his insurance.

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