Interview with Peter Prince

Peter Prince, the manic frontman of jam/funk legends Moon Boot Lover, embodies the theatre and soul of Rock 'n' Roll at its very finest. His performances bristle with raw emotion, romance, deep-hearted soul, and a trademark sense of humor that puts him in a class all by himself.
By: Andrew Swift

HGMN: You are obviously an inspired, artistic person who loves music. What keeps you going day after day?
PRINCE: Well, my folks are both retired art teachers, so I've always had creative people in my life who are actively pursuing and developing their craft. There's just too much to do to ever be bored, if anything, there's so much that it can be overwhelming, I just try to remain focused.

What are your top 3 likes and dislikes of the world we live in today?
PRINCE: Dislikes: Ignorance, Phonies and the DMV(taxes)
Likes: Solidarity,Technology, Moon Boots

HGMN: Where did the idea of your alter ego "Moon Boot Lover" come from?
PRINCE: I've always been a big sci fi/comic book fan, and when it came time to put it all together, the Moon Boots that were kicking around the garage, reminded me of theatric bands like KISS, the alter ego Alice Cooper, David Bowie, P-Funk, and I was invisioning comic book like covers for MBL's musical releases. I figured even if someone didn't know the title, they would probably remember the edition number: Edition 1 "Outer Space Action" Edition 2 "Live Down Deep" Edition 3 "Martian Dogs"(still unreleased at this date) and Edition 4 "Back On Earth."

HGMN: People know you for being such a colorful performer when you are on stage. What are you like off stage, away from music?
PRINCE: Off stage, I coil back up until the next strike! Silence is Golden!!

HGMN: Moon Boot Lover has consumed most of the last 12 years or so, is there a certain era or line up that played with you that sticks out a little more than the rest?
PRINCE: The few years that the Evans Brothers and Jon Hawes were in MBL are very memorable, because we where living together as a band, rehearsing in our living room, sharing all the expenses, writing music and bouncing it off each other, a very creative time for us. I'd have to say that every line up has been different, and each musician has brought their own style to MBL. All of these changes have shaped MBL into it's own original Rocket-Soul self.

What are your hobbies when you are not playing music?
PRINCE: No real hobbies, unless searching and collecting rare and exotic Moon Boots. Is that considered a hobby?

HGMN: How has your musical journey shaped you as a person?
PRINCE: Music has taught me a universal language, introducing me to so many different people and places. Physically, mentally, and spiritually I'm forever changed!

You are not going out on the road for a month or two through the midwest or down the east coast like you once did. Is playing in the New England and New York area a getting back to your roots, like when you first started out?
PRINCE: Well, in the past I was running all over the place trying get the music out there, probably spreading myself to thin, but being more centralized and focused in an area like the Northeast, brings me home more often(oh my own bed!), and lets me get back into those towns more often. Pretty soon MBL is going to head west and do a run down south as well.

HGMN: What's in your CD player these days?
PRINCE: Andy Herrick, a former MBL drummer sent me a disc of Ray LaMontagne just recently, he's a singer songwriter out of Bangor ME, really beautiful stuff, soulful and brillantlly produced. Check him out!

HGMN: Are there any festivals fans can see Moon Boot Lover or you solo this upcoming festival season?
PRINCE: At the moment festival dates are being solidified, for the readers, please check back with for future gig postings. Thanks!

HGMN: Flying V or Stratocaster?
PRINCE: YES! Although apples and oranges, the fruit is so sweet!!!

HGMN: What would like to accomplish in life that you haven't yet?
PRINCE: Having a child with the one I love.

HGMN: Name your top 3 memories of all time from past performances.
PRINCE: April fools day at "Valentines" in Albany, anyone that was there will never forget, we played a gag on the audience. A New Hampshire college gig, when during the song "Cool Wind", the sky turned from gray into a shimmering cathedral! Of course jamming with Derek Trucks, Oteil or Tim Reynolds were all a great thrill!!!

HGMN: Have you ever thought of making a DVD? Any plans to make one in the future?
PRINCE: The Trauma Unit project I did with Johnny Trama, Eric Kalb and Nate Wilson among others, was filmed and made into a DVD, just never released... boo hoo, but I've been gathering alot of vhs tapes from a span of MBL history and hoping to edit the miles of tape to press in the near future.

HGMN: Are there any plans for a new release this year?
PRINCE: This year I would really be pleased to release MBL's 3rd Edition"Martian Dogs" featuring me and the Evans Brothers from Soulive, I've also been laying down tracks for an upcoming acoustic album as well as a full on dance recording.

Until then, Please Stay Tuned and BOOT TO THE HEAD!!!