Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd is a unique multi-instrumentalist solo artist whose songs balance acoustic soul, manic fretwork, rhythmic stomps, exotic percussion, and modernized didgeridoo to create a uniquely textured sound and mesmerizing live performance.
Hailing from Torquay on the Southern Victorian coast in Australia, 26-year-old Xavier delivers a harmony that is both powerful and uplifting. In performance, one is immediately drawn to his warmth and energy as his bare feet work the rhythm on the stomp box and he glides his Weissenborn guitar through fluid melodies. Switching between a myriad of instruments including 12 string acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, didgeridoos, slit/Aztec drums, and the Djembe, Xavier's music captivates the imagination. His thoughtful and engaging live performance has earned him a growing fan base through North America and Australia.
World Rhythms
Folk & Traditional