Xavier Rudd - Solace CD

Xavier Rudd is a multi-instrumentalist delivering a unique and harmonious combination oflyrics, vocals, instruments and energy that is warm, powerful and emotive. His performancesare captivating and his talent unmistakable, which goes some way to explaining the hugelevel of support that he attracts where ever he tours.

Hailing from Torquay on the Southern Victorian coast in Australia, Xavier has a strongaffinity for the beauty and naturalness of his surrounds. An influence that lends itselfwell to Xavier's interpretation on life, and indeed his music.

"...(his) sound is very accessible with a driving, toe tapping beat full of sweet harmonies and delicious melodies... His didgeridoo playing is stellar and fresh, and he sings powerful songs." Ken McKnight.

1- Shelter mp3
2- 3 Degrees mp3
3- Let Me Be mp3
4- Solace mp3
5- GBA mp3
6- In Transit mp3
7- Chances mp3
8- Journey Song mp3
9- A Fourth World mp3
10- Yirra-Kurl mp3
11- No Woman No Cry mp3
12- Partnership mp3
13- Silence mp3
14- Green Spandex mp3