The Trongone Band

The Trongone Band
Since their formation, the Trongone Band has been gaining momentum with a sound that falls between southern Rock ‘n’ Soul & Americana Jam. They have been turning heads and making an big impact on the music scene.

Formed as a family by brothers Andrew and Johnny, The Trongone Band enlisted much sought-after keyboardist Ben "Wolfe" White and award-winning bassist Todd Herrington to solidify their touring lineup. Herrington adds a crucial dimension of deep pocket groove and funk to the already seasoned unit. 

As a collaborative effort, the band is set to push forward and tour from coast to coast and continue their growth as a band. This four-piece ensemble may not all be related, but with a chemistry so emphatically discernible, it's fair to call them brothers.

Home Town: 
Richmond, VA
South East