The Orange Constant

The Orange Constant draws influence from many different styles to create a musical experience that is new and unique.

Athens, GA based eclectic rock band The Orange Constant (TOC) will be self-releasing their 2nd full length album Point of Reference on Fri. March 24th, 2017.  The album was recorded at Chase Park Transduction in Athens during October - December 2016 with Drew Vandenberg (discography includes of Montreal, Mothers, Kishi Bashi), and was mastered by Joe Lambert (catalog includes Animal Collective, Local Natives, The Black Crowes). Containing songs written over a span of four years, Point of Reference displays a striking maturity in TOC's songwriting. Compared to their debut album Time to Go, this release embraces more risk taking in the studio fueled by Vandenberg's experimental leanings. Although TOC has been labeled a jam band in the past, this release demonstrates that they are more likely to be inspired by 70's AOR and contemporaries like My Morning Jacket than Phish. 

Lead singer and guitarist Andrew Brantley reflects on the album's sonic achievements.  "I think the sound quality is great, and I'm glad we were able to use some vintage gear. Having a real Wurlitzer, Rhodes, and clavinet added to our textural options when we were recording. Drew [Vandenberg, producer] pushed us to experiment with guitar tones and condense arrangements, and the product was better for it." 

Home Town: 
Athens, GA
South East