The Blue Method

Philadelphia’s The Blue Method brings together the sounds of old school and douses them with a modern influence of fusion, funk and experimental rock.

When on stage, the band's mission is to make each and every person in the crowd move to the sounds they lay down from deep thumping funk to smooth grooving soul....and then leave them awestruck after a breathtaking solo or vocal flourish .

With front man Brian Williams' powerful voice and the incomparable talent of each musician, The Blue Method are on their way to becoming one of the finest funk outfits in the country.

What people had to say about Kill The Music: Volume 1:

"If Quentin Tarantino ever did a remake of Superfly, he would probably get The Blue Method to do it....I bet they put on one hell of a live show. Good Stuff!" - Robie from The Home Grown Music Network

"The Blue Method make the same kind of music the Derek Trucks Band do when the latter aren't courting the ghosts of Sun Ra and John Coltrane -- that is, tasteful, organic, and soulful rhythm and blues. Appending "vol. 1" to the title of their debut is ambitious, but the music on Kill the Music is dang unassuming. The grooves are sensuous, Brian Williams' vocals are heartfelt, and even the lyrics seem to work nicely within the confines of the genre. Williams' trumpet and Tom Long's saxophones and clarinet give the band a muscular, assured sound, while Luke O'Riley and Scott Stallones' keyboards give the band a double bed to lay their music atop. The album has depth, too, with the sweet-as-lemonade New Orleans fade-in of the swaying/swinging "Backporch." The Blue Method are funky and cool." - Jesse Jarnow from

"If you've heard one funk band you've heard them all...unless of course you've heard The Blue Method. Philadelphia's finest new funk, The Blue Method, is a powerhouse of downtown heart, that demonstrates a strong legitimacy with their debut album, Kill The Music Vol 1.....The horns bring the songs alive, and the beats give it life, but it's Williams unpolished voice that makes their debut effort soar." - Eric Ward from