Shaggy Wonda

Shaggy Wonda is a high-energy rock/funk band that modernizes the classic rock sounds of decades past with driving riffs mixed with melodic lyrics. A rumble begins in the Midwest; the Shaggy Wonda circus is coming soon.

We are a mixture of personalities that collided in the great college town of Bloomington, IN. Here we have created a brand of high energy, raw, and sometimes eclectic rock music. The end result is similar to bands like Black Crowes, Blind Melon, and Government Mule. Everything from our sound, our look, to our attitude is meant to give people a band they can relate to as well as groove to. The line in our song, 'The Cut', puts it best, "A group of highly motivated, straight chill motherf%@kers who are guaranteed to live it up." We have spent the last eight months gigging around our region and building a dedicated fan base. With the release of our first full length album, 'Not Bad For Tuesday', we have been gigging vigorously around our region building our fan base and cementing our performances. Now we begin to pursue the next step on this musical ladder by making a push to gain national attention. Watch for Shaggy Wonda coming to a town near you very soon! Shaggy Wonda is Colby Miller (Guitar, Vocals, hustle n flow...), Steve Laine (Bass, kazoo...), Zach 'Panama' Martin (Drums, Vocals, hair...), Teddy Jones (Saxophone, disco inferno....) Shaggy Wonda ... I had no idea.