Shaggy Wonda - Not Bad For Tuesday CD

This up and coming four-piece out of Bloomington, IN is quickly spreading their brand of rock, blues, and funk. Featuring the shredding saxophone of Teddy Jones, riffy guitar of Colby Miller, rock solid bass of Steve Laine, and animalistic drums from the man known as Panama, the Wonda boys have steadily grown from their college town roots. Shaggy Wonda's second studio release, 'Real World Shaker', spans a wide spectrum of musical feels from riff rock to groove to smoky blues. The album received airplay on college radio stations nationwide giving the group its first national exposure. The passion put into their lyrics and compositions is the catalyst for the high energy live performances that have won over fans at the many clubs and festivals they have played. This hard working blue collar band puts a modern spin on a rock n roll attitude rooted in decades past comparable to the way bands such as Black Crowes and Gov't Mule have done. Shaggy Wonda's influences are diverse and numerous and the result is a truly unique sound that has something for every music listener.

Track List:
1. Ship Goin' Down listen
2. The Cut listen
3. Mr. Smith listen
4. Last Straw listen
5. Beautiful Bitch listen
6. Mystery Song listen
7. Mason County Bandit listen
8. 79 Days listen
9. Creepy Guy listen
10 Back For More listen
11. The Re-Cut listen

Originally released in 2007