Psylo Joe

Psylo Joe embodies the aspects of improvisation, dance grooves, inspirational lyrics, and true audience/band connection through their one of a kind live performances.

Do you like to dance? With a stance toward trebly lead runs, dynamic drum/bass work and bursts of psychedelic funk riffs supported by an incredible saxophone player, Psylo Joe is a band you do not want to miss! 

Coming from Greenville,NC the psychedelic textures of Psylo Joe began back in Spring of 2014.  Meeting at a local music venue called Peasant's Pub during open mic sessions, the band formed a relationship and started playing music together. Bryan and Matt formed the idea back in college playing with friends and had a barn that was called the "Silo" in the backyard of Bryan's college house where they held many parties.  The first part of the name "Psylo" comes from the barn they started in, but spell it with a "P-s-y" to relate to the Psyches of the mind (Music moves our mind).  "Joe" resembles that each person is just like you and I, average Joe's.

The Joe's consist of:
Bryan Quintard (Guitar/Vox)
George Thornton (Guitar/Vox) 
Hunter Parker (Saxophone) 
Thomas Barrington (Drums) 
Matt Smith (Bass) 

Home Town: 
Greenville , NC
South East

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