Odd Meters

The Odd Meters are a unique, instrumental duo whose music blends various genres into compelling modern compositions. Their high-energy performances include styles such as Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Pop, Fusion, Reggae, Indian Classical, and Funk.

The mixture they create takes their audiences of young and old on the same musical journey around the world. The majority of the bands' tunes are original, written by guitarist Jon Morrow and fused with the explosive yet graceful touch of Shane Parreco on drums and percussion. Although the Odd Meters are a duo, they have the sound of a trio thanks to the 8-string guitar (created by Ralph Novak) that Jon plays.

These two characters met in 2003 at Brevard College, where they found each other learning from the same primary teachers: Dr. Laura Franklin (percussion) and Jeff Sipe (drums/rhythm concepts). Both Morrow and Parreco were able to gain a deeper level of understanding music from their studies and quickly became great friends because of their mutual enthusiasm for various styles music. These two unique musicians share a similar musical vocabulary, a desire to always be inspired and challenged, and a passion for making and sharing live music.
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