Josh Dion Band

Josh Dion Band, a funk-soul rock band from NYC, is led by their drummer, the lead singer, main songwriter and a force of nature.

Their shows are an explosion of visual energy as Dion sings, laughs, calls out improvised changes and jumps up and down while, all the time, laying down the groove. It makes sense that Josh's favorite band is Earth, Wind and Fire, for whom Josh says, "It wasn't just 'sex, drugs and rock and roll', it was 'life is great, love is the answer and we're badass funky dudes.'"

As Relix magazine saw it, "It only takes one song to realize that vocalist/drummer Josh Dion was born for the stage. Flanked by five friends and fellow jazz students from New Jersey's William Paterson University, and owning a genuinely slackjawing command of '70s funk--especially for a white boy--Dion sweatily bashes his tom toms and cymbals with boundless soul at center stage, channeling the spirit of Earth, Wind and Fire and The Gap Band. To be certain, it's a sight to behold."