JazzChronic from Athens, GA plays original funk infused music that is reminiscent of 70’s funk organ and horn bands with a 21st century twist. Every member in this dynamic group works together as a team in composing original music that jams from funk, rock n' roll, jazz, soul, r&b and world music.

JazzChronic came into their own through their March 2009 CD release "Share the Wealth." This genre-jumping production incorporates soul, funk, acid-jazz, and rock to literally share the riches of musical talent and collaboration. JazzChronic's grooves are well balanced with a professional sound. "Share the Wealth" is innovative, creative and truly creates a powerful musical experience. JazzChronic is all about fusing all genres of music into grooves that you can use. If you are "crusin' for some fusion," then JazzChronic is the band for you!

"This innovative and creative work truly creates a powerful musical experience that will, in the words of the band, "melt your mind." As the latter half of the name of the band's name alludes, be sure to stock-up on your MJ, sit back and realize the musical experience."
- Will Hackett, The Athens Blur Magazine

"They know exactly who they are and that is exactly what they do. And exactly why this CD gets an A+ review from me. It is not bias, it is what it is; JazzChronic came into their own through "Share the Wealth." What more could you ask for than a first album to, not only define who they are, but show how far you have come."
- Whitney Conner, The Voice

"Well-balanced grooves with a professional sound, subtle without being too complicated. Suited as background tunes and clubbing as well. Our top tracks: Openly Closed, Soul True and Spank your Mom. Duration: 66.04 (12 tracks) Genre: Jazz | Fusion Labeled: Recommended" -www.jazzandsoul.eu, www.jazzandsoul.eu