JazzChronic - Share the Wealth CD

JazzChronic's first CD release entitled, "Share the Wealth." incorporates funk, acid-jazz, soul and rock to literally share the riches of musical talent and collaboration. This innovative and creative work truly creates a powerful musical experience. Every member in this dynamic group works together as a team in creating original music that entertains, amazes and satisfies. "Share the Wealth" from JazzChronic is all about fusing the genres of funk, acid-jazz, soul and rock into grooves that you can use. If you are "crusin' for some fusion," then JazzChronic is the band for you!

1. Openly Closed mp3 sample
2. Shotgun Wedding mp3 sample
3. Share The Wealth mp3 sample
4. Drop Tha Funk mp3 sample
5. Agree To Disagree mp3 sample
6. Nasty Groove mp3 sample
7. Do The Math mp3 sample
8. Soultrue mp3 sample
9. Spank Your Mom mp3 sample
10. Hot Porkchops mp3 sample
11. Trouble In The Bubble mp3 sample
12. Sneaky Pete mp3 sample