Herbert Wiser Band

With the advent of so many great jam bands, one may think that composition is less important than virtuosic musicianship. Enter Chicago’s Herbert Wiser Band.

While they ARE stellar musicians (as anyone who's seen them live can attest) the main focus has always been to showcase their greatest asset: songwriting. Take their album Unusable Signal. Combining traditional rock rhythms with a myriad of musical influences ranging from country to hip-hop and everything in between, it's sure to have something for everyone and is the thing for people who crave musical diversity. This commitment to excellence has garnered them stage time with a diverse group of excellent musicians, sharing the stage with Umprhey's McGee, Tea Leaf Green, Backyard Tire Fire, The Station, U-Melt, Fareed Haque Group, and many more. As a Green Bay resident wrote on a cocktail napkin after first seeing them: "Think Talking Heads meets Frank Zappa meets Rage Against the Machine meets Devo meets Hall and Oates...ON STEROIDS!"

Hip Hop