Herbert Wiser Band - Unusable Signal CD

The Herbert Wiser Band is a four piece rock outfit out of Chicago, IL. Blending sounds from many genres into an intense unique rock sound, they stay true to their eclectic tastes without sacrificing their catchy hooks and meaningful lyrics. Their first full length album, Unusable Signal, demonstrates this insightful and whimsical approach to guitar-driven rock music.

1 The Puzzle mp3
2 Loose Ends mp3
3 Dewey Dash mp3
4 The System mp3
5 Orders mp3
6 I Know Better mp3
7 Johnny Pipedreams Stoneking mp3
8 N.P.D. mp3
9 The Trials and Tribulations of the Qwijibo
10 Interlude
11 Ruby Red Violets

Released 2006