Euforquestra is an eclectic world-beat ensemble from Iowa City, IA with interests in different cultural and traditional musics from all over the globe.

The band has made a mission statement out of preserving different traditions, undescriminatingly trying anything at least once and fusing different styles that appeal to them. The self-proclaimed "Afro-Caribbean-Barnyard-Funk" touches on such genres as Afrobeat, Afro-Cuban, Samba, Soca, Funk, Reggae, and Bluegrass. Though the band is relatively new, they have performed in several states in the midwest and in festivals like moe's Summer Camp, Spookstock (Schwagstock), Bockmans Campout and Wakarusa. In addition to these festivals, Euforquestra hosts its own annual celebration of community and music, where nearly 700 of the areas fans have gathered for 5 bands in an entire day of music.

What makes this band special is that something new is always being performed by Euforquestra as new projects drive the band into further musical studies. For example, Explorations in Afrobeat, the bands 2006 release, is a fusion of western african and cuban musics rooted in the Yoruba tradition. Having had 2 members study in Cuba, the band dives deep into a rich tradition of Cuban rhythm and song evolved from the Yoruba tribe which was brought to Cuba as well as other countries years ago during the slave trade. Here is where the band connects essentially two branches from the same tree.

World Rhythms