Various - Deep Fried Funk (2LP)


Charly Records presents DEEP FRIED FUNK

In 1987 with the Family Funktion team (Norman Jay & Judge Jules) Femi Fem and Marco Nelson compiled the groundbreaking album 'Got To Get Your Own (Some Rare Grooves)' for Charly Records. This, and its follow up volume introduced us to a strange world of obscure singles on exotic sounding labels and gave us a glimpse of what went on with members of James Brown's gang when they stepped away from the Boss.

Over the ensuing decades funk has been a thread through a number of emerging scenes, from acid jazz to the smartly named Deep Funk and was also mined relentlessly by hip hop and dance producers who were looking to the past, to create something for today. Some of these records, featured here, are now famed as classics of the genre by the likes of New Orleans producer Eddie Bo who became revered by collectors and found a new lease in life, and Lee Fields who has gone from being an obscure Carolinian artist to having his new recordings featured on TV programs.

Deep Fried Funk is the descendant of those earlier Charly compilations and begins its journey with some ever-green cuts that have remained popular ever since that time. It also gathers together records from Chicago to New Orleans with many points in-between to deliver a comprehensive overview of some of the greatest, sweatiest funk ever made. Get ready to dance!

* Funk classics and super rarities brought together for the first time * Compiled by renowned collector and authority Tim Brown * Curated and annotated in London by Dean Rudland (Acid Jazz)

Disc 1


Stick It in Your Ear Hole

Searchin' (Part 1)

Pop, Popcorn Children

Son Of A Son Of A Slave

Everybody Gonna Give Their Thing Away To Somebody (Sometime)

Gossip, Gossip

Let The Groove Move You

Brothers and Sisters

Hot, Funky, And Sweaty

Double Determination

You Move Me, Pt. 2

Get Up (If You Want To Be Somebody)

A Hunk O' Funk

Disc 2

Never Gonna Let You Go

Get Out Of My Window

Two Fools

I Don't Dig No Phoney - Part 1

Comin' To Bring You Some Soul

Mr Bump Man (Give Me a Hand), Pt. 2

Moon Walk

My Heart Would Never Lie to Me

S.G.B. (Stone Graveyard Business)

Itch And Scratch

Bad Thing

Funky Belly

What Do You See in Her?


Release date 05.05.23