Isaac Hadden Organ Trio - The Glue LP


Isaac Hadden Organ Trio is a heavy grooving, improvisational, cosmic groove ensemble, carving out a distinct voice in the world of funk, jazz, rock, and R&B. The group performs intricate yet accessible original music and fresh arrangements of classic tunes.

Always hungry to push the boundaries, IHOT takes listeners on a journey through a myriad of musical styles, exploring the limits of how much sound a trio can make.

The powerful creative forces of prodigous young guitarist, Isaac Hadden, and Grammy nominated organist and drummer, Bill Stevens, and Iajhi Hampden combine to create deep musical conversations, unique to each show. These three musicians strive to create a group that functions as its own instrument, where each member contributes equally to create fresh textures and soundscapes.

Bridging the gap between deep improvisation and airtight songcraft, the group strives to transport listeners to places outside themselves. IHOT is serving up powerful, dynamic music guaranteed to rock mind, body, and soul.

"The Glue isn't just an album; it's a musical tapestry. Infusing elements of funk, jazz, rock, and R&B, the record is both an ode to eclectic sonic explorations and a testament to tight, refined songcraft. Layered atop this are intricate improvisations and performances that seem to transcend terrestrial limitations." -Grateful Web

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