Ghost Owl - Say Goodbye to Finland LP


Epic post-rock, experimental indie rock, and electro-pop which is psychedelic, anthemic, atmospheric, and simultaneously dance floor ready. Together they have crafted a technology-driven live show that integrates live visual projections and multi-layered sonics into mind-bending and emotive musical experience. Their debut is Say Goodbye to Finland. An astonishing album that conveys both a sense of loss and of hopeful renewal. This is how Ghost Owl begins...

Featuring Adam Perry, Matt McDonald & Albert Suttle of Perpetual Groove.

Printed on 150 gram vinyl. Artwork by Jason Huffer.

1. A Horse Named Reckless 02:41
2. Eleven 02:41
3. Idiot Kid 02:50
4. Sky Yellow 02:43
5. Vela 500 04:37
6. Heads Above Water 04:30
7. Crooked Youth 04:29
8. Phantom Heart 03:08
9. Clouds Will Lift 04:39
10. Sun Will Shine 02:43

Released in 2014