Cadillac Jones - Cabin Fever Vinyl LP


In the winter of 2013, Cadillac Jones went into the North Carolina mountains to begin work on their fifth album. The band came home to Atlanta to experiment with the instrumentation and textures they would use in the studio. The resulting album documents the mindstate of the band as it looked back over its past fourteen years and forward to what it would sound like next.  Over the course of nine songs, the funk-jazz group layers horns, keyboards, synthesizers, and pedal steel guitar over driving beats and delicate ambience. The band still proudly wears its influences of Herbie, James, and Quincy.  But with the comfort of over a decade of history under their belts, Cadillac Jones confidently blends in touches of psychedelia, rock, and even afrobeat that keep the surprises coming from the left and right channels.  This is one for the headphones.

"Cabin fever is dynamic, spacey, body moving, well written and superbly showcased by an impressive ensemble of musicians. This is the type of record you'll want to listen to from start to finish because it's one of the best releases of 2015. The nine instrumental tracks are just rich and engaging. If you're a fan of soul-jazz, smooth jazz and jazz-funk music this album is absolutely a must hear." - Sound & Silence

Side A

  1. Inverted Jenny
  2. City Building
  3. Cirrocumulus
  4. The Point

Side B

  1. Hovering Machine
  2. Born With It
  3. The Lefty
  4. Dark & Stormy