Big Something - Headspace (2LP)


Hailing from the North Carolina countryside, or "The Middle of Nowhere," as it's proudly dubbed on their debut album, the 6 headed musical monster known as 'Big Something' has steadily become one of the most unique and exciting rock bands to emerge from the Southeast. Huge rhythms paired with soaring guitars, E.W.I (electronic wind instrument), synths, horns and soulful vocals rise to the top of their signature sound taking listeners on a journey through a myriad of musical styles. With a diverse and growing catalog of timeless songs that tell stories, and a high energy live show fusing improvisational alternative rock with funk, reggae, jazz, electronica, heavy metal and more - there's not another band quite like Big Something.

1 The Mountain

2 Bob & Weave

3 Chemistry

4 Algorithm

5 Clouds

6 Starts to Rain

7 Evil Josh

8 Moonage Daydream

9 Clouds Unplugged

10 Headspace

11 Amanda Lynn

12 Kings of the Wild Frontier