Soulville: Soul Stuff for Kids of All Ages (CD & Book)

As a companion to All Together Now, Little Monsters are releasing Soulville, a collection of classic R & B, some ubiquitous, some obscure, to provide kids with an introduction to the music that helped shape our culture. The album is packaged with a book with art by elementary school kids and graphic designer Nate Williams, poems for toddlers and 'Soul Facts' for older kids and their parents. The Little Monsters join in with spectacular soul singers Tabitha Fair, Ray Frazier and Chocolate Genius.

1. Soulville 2:06 mp3 sample
2. Dancing In The Street 2:50 mp3 sample
3. Everybody Is A Star 2:58 mp3 sample
4. ABC 3:10 mp3 sample
5. Stand By Me 3:14 mp3 sample
6. Express Yourself 3:05 mp3 sample
7. B-A-B-Y 2:57 mp3 sample
8. Mustang Sally 3:40 mp3 sample
9. Lean On Me 3:54
10. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) 3:21
11. Grandma's Hands 2:55

Released 8/5/08